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"Any two wines are more alike than wine and water" 

The late Joseph Heitz on rinsing between tastes


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Bunch Selection Committee... BSC

The Real Winesmiths at Westbrook Wine Farm are the seriously finicky members of our ever evolving Bunch Selection Committee. To some, making the best wine possible by hand selecting and manicuring each bunch has become downright personal. Whether they pick one pan or stay the whole day, each BSC individual can rightly claim to be a most important ingredient in our wine. Our invitation list for this event is quite apolitical.

We invite those supporters who have so kindly purchased within the previous twelve months and accept the first 75 RSVPs. Easy !

Ray and Tammy Krause, Proprietors

"John Muir said that we all "need the tonic of wilderness." For many people whose lives are framed by big or busy city life, the annual gathering of the increasingly famous "Bunch Selection Committee" at the even more increasingly famous Westbrook Wine Farm, provides that tonic. Did you plan it that way or is it my hyperactive imagination? Either way, a day of productive work with one's hands, good food, good wine, and good people is hard to beat for rejuvenating the soul. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with so many."

Dan Carter
Former Executive Director, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau

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