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The editors at Wine Enthusiast have recently rated and reviewed your wines and we are pleased to share some great news with you. Your wines have received the following scores:

92 ++ Editors' Choice ++ Westbrook Wine Farm 2012 Fait Accompli Red Blend Madera $65

No busses,  no minors,  no smoking,  no frowning and  no guest dogs. Now, if you don’t mind what we don’t have, you are sure to like what we do have:

*Authentic hand crafted wines of quality and conscience.
*Personal and respectful winegrower attention.
*We never do “speed tasting” so please allow at least two hours of time for your visit with us.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY With appointment only visitation not only do we enjoy the respectful company of serious wine novices and experts but so do they. We are not about the party, we are about the wine and its journey into your glass. With fifty years of winemaking experience, we are very close to getting it right. Join us for a sometimes humorous, sometimes irreverent, always stimulating organoleptic experience at Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery. Thank you. 559-868-3499

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Welcome to Westbrook Wine Farm

the Winery

Westbrook Wine Farm is a vineyard and winery in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of eastern Madera County, California, near Bass Lake and Yosemite National Park. Our mountain vineyards are planted to  field blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Gros Verdot and Carmenere. We practice sustainable farming and minimalist winemaking. We make our wine in the traditional Claret style by co-fermenting grapes, rather than by making separate varietal wines and blending them. Our Fait Accompli includes six and our Museum, three of the eight red varieties permitted for use in Bordeaux or Meritage style wines.


What to Expect at Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery

Boomers were the Millennials of the 60s and they too had to grow up. We are always pleased and excited to welcome those crossing over. We are simply and purposely a winery/winegrower, not an entertainment center masquerading as a winery. Fermentation is just our way of preserving our grapes. A lasting relationship begins with a first impression so we prefer to cultivate and practice tactile, old school “high touch” instead of fashionable, arms-length high tech. We promise respectful and personal winemaker attention to all (boomer, millennial, expert and novice alike) who choose to spend their valuable appointed time visiting and tasting with us (plan on at least two hours.) See our YELP and Google reviews (no, we do not advertise with them). Please, give us a call and come for the wines and an always beautiful day in the Sierra.

Ray and Tammy @ Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery, O’Neals, CA 559-868-3499

News Update

Gold is worth waiting for...

After sixteen years, we received official notice today... read more.

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current tasting list

Current Tasting List

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Hi Ray,

We drank a bottle of prodigy (2010 Fait accompli) last night and it doing just great, and in the class of my very top French Chateaux.

Jerry 01/01/2019

Jerry M. Woodall
National Medal of Technology
Laureate NAE member and Fellow: AAAS, NAI, APS, IEEE, ECS, AVS
Distinguished Professor
UC Davis

Oh, I saw this from another email, and thought very much the same to be true. The wine is always, for me, a slowly emerging one, which seems to change it's spots a good deal over time, in very classical ways. I don't recall the 2010 having a lot of baby fat to shed, and I think for me it drank awfully well right away, but with lots of promise. I hope I have a bottle or two left!
Yours sincerely,

Mark Arvanigian, PhD
Proprietor, The Wine Bar
Sierra Nut House
7901 N. Blackstone
Fresno, CA, 93720

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We're sitting here on the south coast of Iceland enjoying an Italian Primitivo.
It’s not bad, but nothing close to yours.

Barry and Annalie

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The other night we opened a bottle of Madera Barbera 2015, Laurie's vineyard. It was of course, amazing. The next night we finished the last two small glasses in the bottle but wanted a bit more wine so we opened a bottle of Jack's Masterpiece by Hall winery. Hall makes very good (and expensive ) wine but it doesn't hold a candle to yours. You bottle magic. Absolutely delicious magic. thank you!! We will return this summer or fall to replenish our stock.
Hoping all is well,

Kathryn in Long Beach, CA

June 2018

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March 2018

Ray, Thanks for sharing. The article was enlightening. I do understand so many wineries discard their barrels after so many fills amounting to five years or so. Everything from the article makes sense. I am now looking forward to understanding more. Again, your shared articles are always most informative. I should expect nothing less coming from the "John Muir of winemaking." Your growing philosophy and winemaking skills in the Sierras seem fitting of a John Muir association. After all WWF's is established in a region that refers to itself as "the gateway to Yosemite.

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." -- John Muir



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January 2018

Ray, There is no question whose wine I was choosing after the Fresno Teachers and Fresno Unified reached a tentative agreement. Last night, I opened a bottle of your 2010 Fait Accompli with my dinner. After over eighteen months negotiations, I deserved to have something delicious. Thank you,


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October 2017

It truly was a great visit for us and your ease and welcoming nature once again impressed us. We sincerely appreciate your time and exceptional generosity. While we have some excellent souvenirs, your willing friendship is the memory we value and hold closest.


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August 2017


I always enjoy your including me in WWF's story. I learn more every day of the fine wines you are releasing as well as learning more about the varietals’ own story....and always told with words so eloquently written. Surely, how you tell your own story resonates with how you make your own wines....composed beautifully, and always tasteful. Now, that the artist (Kerne Erickson) has completed 30 stunningly beautiful illustrations for my book....we're hoping to have a release date of our own... a book launch coming soon.
Best to the both of you with the coming harvest.

Jerry Stroud, Author
Along The California Wine Trail

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May 2017


What a wonderful treat for you to Invite us in and spend so much time with me and my friends teaching us about wine. Susan and I both agreed that the time with you was one of the best parts of the trip. And there is no comparison with your wine and any other we tried. Susan said that you had a passion for your work like her father did. He was always willing to teach people about jewelry and diamonds and precious stones, why certain cuts were made, how a particular stone was formed. She loves heart shaped rocks. Before we had visited you I had given her a rock heart. After hearing the beautiful story how you made the fireplace, she said that she felt like she needed to leave a piece of her heart in that special place. So she left the heart-shaped rock on your fireplace. We will forever remember our time with you and look forward to seeing you again someday.

All the best my friend.

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If for nothing else, 2017 will be noted as the year of nearly 45 inches of rainfall and our release of two historic Cal-Ital variety wines. Those who have visited with us know that we are all about the wines. We always personally and, without distraction, converse with and pour, for each and every guest here at Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery. Our primary focus for twenty years has been crafting complex co-fermented red and white Bordeaux/Meritage style wines. To shake things up a bit, we have now released two exciting, and delicious red Cal-Ital varieties, Primitivo di gioia and Madera Barbera. You simply must taste these wines to believe their depth and unique expression. Definitely not for those who practice flavor avoidance.

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Carmenere leaf fall 2016

Carménère leaf, fall 2016

October 08, 2016:  "Popped a 2005 Fait Accompli  last night. Outstanding. These wines are fabulous. Vibrant, complex, delicious. Not a hint of any loss of vibrancy. These may be ageless!  Have two more of this vintage in the cellar.  Well done.
Randy and Anne"

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2016, A Year with Rain

October 3, 2016 - A sure sign of an early winter, the bright green acorns and shiny Buckeye nuts have started falling from the native trees at Westbrook Wine Farm. This morning the temperature dipped into the 40s for the first time since last winter. We’ll soon be seeing the riotous fall foliage colors on both Fait Accompli and Museum vines. It’s a magical [...]


10th Annual Cabernet Shootout:

Silver & Gold!

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April 2015 Ray Krause interview with Rich Rodriguez

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LAurie's Vineyard

Laurie and Loren Freeman from Laurie's Vineyard

Madera Vintners Association "Wine Growers of the Year"  award recipients - Laurie's Vineyard grows our Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Semillon field blend for our best-selling white wine, Savvy. We also have some very promising Laurie's Vineyard Barbera and Petite Sirah resting in barrel.  That's right, a Madera Barbera!

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Thank you for the link and another great time at your place.  Linda and I always enjoy our time with you.

Like I said, a visit with you is like an E ticket ride!.


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Subject: Why I love the Pink (Rosato Romantico) Because it tastes like vanilla and raspberries, with a hint of citrus. And there is a ferris wheel and carousel music in the background.
Thanks for making it.

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"So while we're at it. The 2009 Museum Red. I really like the structure of your reds. They remind me of Bordeaux in the front with some Cal. in the back."

Steven K. Mirassou

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Westbrook Wine Farm in Disneyland

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It's very rare that you get to sit with the winemaker himself and be educated, with great detail, about every nuance and decision that goes into making their wines.  I've never had an experience quite like this before. Ray is witty, patient, and bursting with knowledge when it comes to sharing his passion for winemaking. And the wines...everything we tasted was a delight to the palette. There's something here for everyone, but you have to go there to taste for yourself. You will not only leave here with a memorable experience, like we did, but you'll be leaving with a carload of wine and be telling your friends to visit, just as we did. So thankful we made an appointment! Enjoy!


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Westbrook Wine Farm on the radio:

Listen to the interview!

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Tonight, your Magnificent (Fait Accompli) Evolution waited a decade to perfectly lift all the flavor notes of our sautéed chard, leeks, roasted red beets, garlic and potatoes, and bleeding NY steaks. Great things happen to those who wait. I thank the heavens for your craft.

March 2014

Rickey's in Novato, CA

"We had a marvelous dinner at Rickey's in Novato - and you made it spectacular! Thank you!"

Jarel and Joan

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A truly remarkable experience is awaiting you at Westbrook Wine Farm. Perhaps because we, as grower / winemakers, personally greet and pour for all of our visitors, all the time. Possibly, it's our stone fireplace and the rustic authenticity of our earth-bermed Foothill Barn style winery. It could even be our earned reputation for wines which will hold their own among the world's best. No doubt, your short trip through our wooded hillsides will help set the mood.

What we think you will find even more remarkable will not only be in front but, also alongside you. Young adults, seasoned citizens, expert and novice alike sharing their views and passion for good wine and good people. People like you, leisurely sharing civilized conversation and their wine experience with us. We are proud to admit that we have never had a guest with whom we would not wish to shake or hold hands. Truly remarkable!

Please call 559-868-3499 or email us at to secure your confirmed reservation. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Elevation: 1441 FT (439 M)

By Appointment Only. Must be 21. A non-smoking property.

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