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June 01, 2009 
adirondaks in vineyard
Gambono Lives!
The new "G-2"
There are those of you (and you know who you are) for whom little else will satisfy
that haunting preference for true old world flavors and aromas quite like our Gambono.
We must acknowledge that this proprietary dark red blend is not for every taste.
The same might be said about a ripe Gorgonzola or Stilton.

While the Euroninnies are hastily homogenizing  their "new international wine style"
(no doubt to appeal to the likes of venerable wine critic, Robert Parker) we are looking
to the past for our inspiration in this wine.
Think fresh tilled earth, blueberries, dried red roses and Latigo leather.

Think layers of rich mouth filling pleasure without the tedium of over contemplation or  
eno-dissection. Simply delicious! 

Recently we occasioned to bottle less than fifty cases of this, our second incarnation of Gambono and over a quarter of it is already spoken for.  Who knew?
Gambono "G-2" is $20 the bottle or $204 in the wise instance of a case purchase.
Email and telephone orders are encouraged.

Shipping within California is $25 for less than 12 bottles.
Full cases go freight free, for now.
Thank you for your friendship and patronage.  You truly complete the equation for us
at Westbrook Wine Farm. We hope to see you here at the winery and vineyard, soon,
Ray and Tammy
 KVPR Photo
photo by Diadre Metzler 2009
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